Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sleeve Set Back

I have been working on the Fana sleeves here and there. I was just thinking it is cool that I didn't do one at a time and have the task of a whole other one to do ahead of me. Plus, I don't have to trust my notes, I will be sure they match. Then I put one that is 12" long off dpns and onto a circular needle and put it on my arm. Oops, way too tight on forearm. Should not be tight.

So I will be ripping. My initial calculations showed that I needed to increase every 3.5 rows, so I started out doing every four, and after a while I measured, and from that point increasing every four rows should have come out perfectly. And the upper arm looks like it will be fine. It just wasn't enough increases soon enough. The other sleeve is only done through the first set of increases, so I will rip it back to the cuff and increase alternating every 3rd, then every 4th row and see how that works. Or maybe I will start doing every 3rd, and switch to every 4th.

If that fails I will rip out the cuffs, which I wanted to be snug and make them a bit bigger so that I don't have to increase so much. It's a bummer, but actually I was not that thrilled with my craftsmanship on the sleeves as compared to the body, some tight floats, so it is better this way.

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