Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Trails

Actually "Happy Roads". I gave my road bike away today. She had several thousand miles on her. We rode around Tucson literally, and across 480 miles of Alaska, not to mention mile after mile of training in Marin and down the Peninsula. Several Cinderellas. A couple of Grizzly Peaks and Grizzlies.

Here we are at closing ceremonies of the Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride. We rode in snow for the first and only time that week. There is plastic wrapped around the saddle because the freezing temperatures caused the gel in the saddle to melt into a liquid.

I don't ride anymore. I know I could just as easily go ride for 45 minutes instead of jogging 45 minutes, but that's not enough time, at least on the road bike. It takes me that long just to warm up. When I do start to ride again it will be on my comfy pink bike with K. in a kid's seat.

I almost teared up when I was cleaning her off, but it is for the best. She's just hanging next the the clothes dryer and I feel sad that I can't ride anymore every time I see her. It will be a long time before I get to ride enough miles a week to justify having such a fancy bike. And I do hope to get back into riding some day. I want to ride across the U.S. For now I have to be satisfied that there will be enough room on the bike rack so that I can actually pull the other bike down and use it from time to time. And a woman whose bike was stolen can continue with her training for the AIDS Life Cycle. (Edited to add: She just emailed to say she named the bike "Sunshine")

When I was digging for that photo I found an envelope with all my ride patches and a couple numbers. I don't remember what ride this was from but it must have been a cold one because the paper is totally intact, must have been on my jacket, not a sweaty jersey.

It also must have been a ride in the country. Here's what's written under the number:

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Kristen said...

You really had some biking adventures! It must have been sad to give up the bike that was your companion for 1000's of miles but it sounds like it found a good home.