Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tofutsies Socks

Remember the socks I was going to fix over Thanksgiving? I finally finished the second pair last week. I started to frog from the top, and this is how far I got before I gave up.

So I decided to pick up stitches at the point in the leg I wanted to start knitting back up to the top, and cut the yarn. Didn't work so well, I ended up frogging quite a bit more than I planned.

I knit without increases (they were decreases on the way down) back up and eyeballed where I should start the ribbing, cast off, and washed them. At least they are similar in size now.

I like them but I still need to work on getting the size right. The foot is pretty good but the legs are still too large. No biggie, I don't usually roll my pants up like this. Only when I'm standing in the bed of my pick-up in the park as people walk by staring at me taking photos of myself.

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