Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The other day The Pioneer Woman posted a photo of herself in 1987. Well, that's the year I graduated, and I attended the Senior Prom in a beautiful pink silk Jessica McClintock dress. I kept a 2 x 3 in my wallet for years and years, it made me laugh. Of course, now that I want it I cannot find the thing!

Fortunately I found these photos also taken in 1987. I didn't like the way my senior photos turned out (one was formal the other with a hot pink boa), so I had these taken.

I vaguely remember the photo shoot. I'm pretty sure it was Sears at Tanforan in San Bruno. They had a couple little studios. Apparently this one had the rustic props.

I remember the photographer told me to smile and think about my boyfriend at some point. Was it this shot?

That was my favorite sweater. Back then I pretty much only wore pink. Now I only wear it 90% of the time.

This must have been my favorite photo from the shoot because I found a framed 16 x 20 in my grandmother's things. It is in the hall closet now.

The hair? Why yes, my bangs were tall and ratted and maybe purple in the '80's. But by this time I was growing them out. Unfortunately all that bang perming lightened it so much that I had to keep on lightening it for years. About 1992 I just streaked it using one of those bonnets with holes and a pick. Then slowly streaked it less and let it grow out brown.

Oh versatile Sears Photo Studio wooden post, you offer so many opportunities for me to demurely lean upon you.

I'm really glad I had this photos taken because this number really says High School Graduation:

Unlike this photo in the yearbook I disliked so much:

One thing I can't figure out. I had bangs from at least Sophomore year on. Why does it look like I don't have them in this photo? Ah, the mysteries of 1987.


Anonymous said...

Your photos made me go look at my daughter's senior picture. Yep. Same hair. I enjoy your blog and your other blog, too.

Janice said...

Thank you for commenting. I've been wondering if anyone was out there!!

Kristen said...

Your photos prove redheads are pretty in pink! My son was born in 1987. so it was a very good year here.