Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fana Progress Report

I finished knitting my headband swatch, you can read about it on the knitalong blog.

In the meantime, I got permission from Annemor Sundbø to post this photo of the the Fana sweater I'm making. It is pictured on page 39 of "Everyday Knitting - Treasures From a Ragpile".

See the trim at the wrists? I'm going to do that and have trim along the placket edges and neck, instead of ribbing.

Meanwhile, in my correspondance with Annemor Sundbø she mentioned that she had a few of the book, "Fanatrøyer" available. I just found out about this collection of photos of Fana sweaters and haven't been able to find a copy in the U.S., so I ordered it as my birthday present.


Kristen said...

Gorgeous. What colors are you using?

Janice said...

Black and white, definitely need the red trim to brighten it up.

Did you end up frogging yours after all?