Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I'm Doing This Summer

We went to Oregon last weekend for my grandfather's 91st birthday. Here are some highlights of the road trip.

K. riding the "tractor" with my redneck cousin:

A goat trying to get out of the rain:

He was better off than this poor pony:

The phrasing of this sign just seems wrong to me:

Since it is at a drive through, where you would be concerned about your roof. Unless you were a giant in a convertible, I guess. Didn't see one of those.

There were a lot of fun photo-less things, including two fiber shops. If you are on Ravelry you can read about the Unicorn Donkey incident. If you are not on Rav, in a nutshell, my family thinks I am studip because I though I saw a brown unicorn. They have no problem with the idea that I saw a unicorn in the Willamette Valley.

And I have been spinning like mad the past two weeks for Le Tour de Fleece. Several hundred yards of Scandinavian breed wool for my Danish Tie Shawl. On vacation I switched to the spindle.

I spun in the car:

On a ferry:

In the La Quinta Inn "fitness room".


Kristen said...

Or maybe if you were standing on top of your car...

Janice said...

Good point. Or poking out of the moon roof of a limo. That would be classy. Do motorcylces go through drive-throughs anyway?

Unknown said...

We have been having such a lovely summer, it's a wonder I blog at all.