Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tour de Fleece

Happy Independence Day!

(Photo by Teekay)

So I think I neglected to mention that I got a new spinning wheel. It's a Mach 1 from Spinolution. It's the same exact wheel that I rented back in April.

I joined Tour de Fleece on Ravelry, pledging to spin every day they ride during the Tour de France. I'm working on spinning up all that Scandinavian fiber I have collected so I can knit a Danish Tie Shawl.

I actually sat and spun for an hour this morning. Got to watch a bunch of the time trial, too. I was a bit disappointed that Thor was only shown coming out of the gate, not on the road.

It is hard to say who is happier about the new wheel.

He's such a good sport about knitting and such. He loves to wind yarn. And who can blame him when his clothes match so well?


Jessica said...

Hooray for the Danish Tie Shawl! We will have to be project buddies and compare how much handspun we're each using.

Betty said...

Congratulations on your new spinning wheel! While I've not spun or for that matter seen a spinolution wheel in person, I think you made a wise choice in choosing a wheel that is so versatile. Have fun.

Kristen said...

He coordinates well in both pictures. :-D

pumpkinhaus said...

My little son loooooooves my Mach as well!! I even named it after him! lol... super cute picture! I have enjoyed seeing your spinning during the tour!

~ dani