Monday, March 02, 2009

40th Birthday Part One

So much has been going on that I'm breaking up my 40th birthday celebration into a couple posts.

My birthday started a couple days early on knit night when my Purl Jam buddies totally surprised me with cake and gift certificate to Imagiknit.

They totally rock!! What do we do at knit night? Share projects, get advice, talk, and sometimes model socks. These are Karyn's "Oceansides".

On Thursday I went out for drinks at Tommy's Mexican Restaurant (a world class tequila bar) with my husband. Then we had dinner at Mel's Diner for fun. Since I had already had birthday cake, I got a chocolate malt for dessert, one of my favorites. The next morning I discovered we were out of coffee. It is so rare that I let that happen. It was not a very pretty picture. Tea was just not the same for what ailed me.

Later in the day I rallied and went to Imagiknit. It was such a pleasure to be able to go in there and just get whatever I wanted. I was pretty sure I wanted something luxurious, like cashmere. I was looking around and couldn't find pure cashmere, turns out it is kept in a locked showcase right by the door. I never noticed that before, but then again I've never shopped for something so dear.

I got a skein of pink cashmere which will become the Sweetheart Glovelets from the Rainey Sisters. I also got a skein of Malbrigo Lace, I'm still hunting a pattern for that. On a practical note I got a skein of green Cascade Heritage to use with all the pink sock yarn I have left from the Bohus Socks.

Tomorrow: Stitches West

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Kristen said...

Happy belated birthday- you sure know how to celebrate!
Cashmere is the perfect choice for your 40th. I haven't knit with it, yet.