Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yarn Swap

We had a yarn swap this afternoon. It was a ton of fun. Six of us filled my dining room table with yarn we no longer wanted. Well, not so much didn't want, just knew we would never use. Then we took turns selecting yarn that thought we could use. No one wanted to look greedy, so it took a little while, and a little convincing. In the end there was just a paper shopping bag of unclaimed yarn which in going to be donated to people who will use it.

I scored a bunch of pink yarn, some fancy yarn, "silky wool", tons of green cotton, and some that will felt. I've got two shades of green and two of pink cotton, all Rowan. I really want to figure something neat for that. I had fun looking through patterns on Ravelry as well as "One Skein Wonders" last night.

It was good to let go of projects that won't happen, and fun to get new stuff. It will be a challenge to find patterns.

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Kristen said...

Our guild has a yarn swap at least once a year and it gets better and better. I try to give away more than I take home!