Monday, November 17, 2008

So Many Interests, So Little Time

I've been trying to set some knitting and sewing goals. All of a sudden this 40th birthday is coming up in February and it makes me want to tie some thing up so I can move onto newer challenges.

I can't seem to make goals, so instead I'm just going to list everything I've got going right now.

Short Term:
  • Make second pair of contest socks
  • Finish Fana Sweater
  • Make a hversdagbunad
  • Sew K's book holder for his bed
  • Finish spinning and knitting rose garden sweater
  • Make some items for the Bicycle Coalition's Winterfest fund raiser (maybe felted velcro top tube cozies or fingerless mitts)
  • Gnome hat for swap
  • Use my funky "Blue Haired Mafia" yarn for hat or bag

  • Sew tote with blue/green fabrics I bought two months ago
  • Start Bohus sweater
  • Lopi projects: start with mittens, sweater for K., finally a sweater for me
  • Spin Navajo Churro top into tapestry yarn and weave
  • Use pink and green cotton yarns from swap for ??
  • Figure out project for Silky Wool
  • Make stranded vest with the prime alpaca I have been gathering
  • Do more felted bags
  • Do some kind of roaming korknisse project
  • Make felted bowls
  • Make scarf or wristlets with sparkly fancy brown yarn from swap
  • Knit Birch with Kid Silk Haze I have stashed
  • Knit a pair of Nancy Bush's Norwegian socks
  • Knit a pair of Selbuvotter

Long Term:
  • Work on fest bunad
  • Figure out what to do with quilt that was pieced, basted but never quilted (10 years ago!)
  • Pursue rosemaling
  • Take a design class

1 comment:

Fluffy said...

You know, if I had that many projects in my head, I'd go crazy. You make me feel good. I kind of need that right now.