Monday, June 23, 2008

Spinning the Ultimate Lasagna

This is how the Rose Garden swatched on size 8's. I love love love it. It's like an abstract meadow of wildflowers. I contacted Karen at Royale Hare and she can dye solid roving for me any of about six solids. I need to do some math and calculate how much I would need to make the Faux Fair Isle from Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey. I would do the lower body in rose or pink.

An article, "What Are You Doing? and Why?", in the Summer issue of Spin Off compares spinning to cooking. Abby Franquemont says "it's rare for people to wonder why someone might cook her own food", when they could just go to a restaurant. Even people who eat out a lot can usually still cook at least a few things. But people don't understand why one would take the time spin their own yarn. She also talks about how evolution of textiles contributes to creating a technologically advanced society.

Kristen's lasagna garden got me thinking more about this. I would go one further and compare spinning and knitting a sweater to making a lasagna. You could make a great lasagna, buying canned sauce and veggies at the market, much like making a sweater out of purchased yarn. But imagine using your own home grown tomatoes in the sauce, and just-picked vegetables and herbs. Maybe even cooking your own noodles. It would be the ultimate.

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