Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cinderella Classic 2010

I just got back from riding the Cinderella Classic. My first time was 1998, haven't done one in about six years. It is a metric century for women only put on by the Valley Spokesmen club. The relatively flat loop winds around Livermore, San Ramon, and Dublin. Lots of livestock and wineries (and horse trailers).

I guess I kind of kept my training a secret, inasmuch as not blogging about it is secret-keeping. I had some reservations that I would be able to do it. Mainly, having time to train and the means to get a new road bike. But my husband put up with the increasingly long Saturday rides, and someone paid me back some big bucks, so it came together.

It was rough training though. It was hard to get rides in during the week. It rained a lot. I got sick. And my pink bike is heavy (and so am I). I got the road bike only a month or so ago and was nervous about getting it tweaked just right.

Today's ride was not as hard as the first time I did the Cinderella on knobby tires in the freezing cold, but it was pretty hard. It was cold and the wind was strong. I look forward to reading other blog posts about it. The best part was spending the night alone in a motel last night, with a king size bed all to myself.

66.5 miles. 5 hrs 50 minutes on the bike. Total time 6 hrs 40 minutes. This was easier at 29 than it is at 41!

Now to figure out which other nearby metrics (or less) I can do this year.


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Hooray, you did it!