Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 - The Stash Year

I have decided not to buy any yarn this year, I will knit completely from stash. I have heard rumors that this can be done. We shall see. Truth is I have way too much yarn, lovely yarn that I want to make into lovely objects to enjoy.

It will not be a sacrifice. Here, off the top of my head, are some of the things I could make with what I have:
  • Danish Tie Shawl (Yarn is spun, washed, caked and ready to go)
  • Birch (have the Kid Silk Haze and the Rowan book)
  • Bohus Hat (have kit)
  • Bohus Sweater (have kit)
  • Icelandic sweater - (have enough Lopi for an adult sweater and several kid sized)
  • Felted bags (have plenty of Lopi)
  • Get Creative & Competitive (use yarn from 2009 Purl Jam stash exchange)
  • Wollmeise Sweater (I traded and have enough of a particular green and a coordinating variegated)
  • Aran Vest (still have the Black Water Abbey from last February's Stitches West)
  • Socks, Socks, Socks (Wollmeise, Sundara, and lots of leftovers from earlier projects)
  • Silky Wool Stranding (some from 2008's PJ exchange and more I have amassed. Endpaper Mitts, Selbu Modern Hat?)
  • Cotton Creation (Rowan cotton yarns in pink and green from 2008 PJ Stash exchange. Just haven't been able to figure the right project. Each color family is a slightly different weight)
  • Hot Animals (I have three skeins of Joseph Geller Prime Alpaca. Wanted to do something stranded with animals. A garment would be too hot, though)
How did I get to this point? I like yarn. I also like to shop. And to get bargains. And to plan. I do like to knit, I swear. The problem is I keep learning about new techniques and different kinds of yarn. I get excited, buy the stuff, but don't finish a project before I get distracted by the next wooly thing. I also need to find a way to sit down and knit in the evenings, with a simple pattern since it's hard to concentrate with a wild kid running around.

I'm not being hard on myself. I have learned a lot in the past few years, and have made a lot of things, which reminds me I have quite a few items to post from the past month. Yeah, and those summer knitting goals to review. And I like a good challenge.

I have a WEBS gift card that doesn't count if I decide to spend it. That may come in handy at Stitches next month. And swapping yarn is okay, too. And knitting needles and tools are okay in moderation. But buying yarn at shops, fairs, or from eBay is out.

I have plenty of spinning fiber, and just got some for Christmas. I'm not going to take a no fiber pledge, but will be very conscious about what I buy.

We shall see how I do. It will feel good to use up my yarn, make a little space, and save money.


Jessica said...

I like your planning style! Maybe if I can find 37 projects I want to knit from stash yarn, I'll do this to. Good luck, and good plan to save the gift card for stitches.

Tracey said...

yes, let's do it together! :D

btw: i am very impressed that you have enough wollmeise for sweater. wow.

Anonymous said...

Me toooo! I also have a gift card that "doesn't count," but I want to knit only from stash!!!


Anonymous said...

Aren't you lucky your sister bought you fiber for your birthday? You have to wait six weeks though!