Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Knitting Lifestyle

The other day I stopped in a local shop where my friend works, she wasn't there but I chatted with her co-worker. I mentioned that I was one of her knitting friends. He said "oh she's so serious when she talks about knitting." I played along and said "yeah, well, knitting is serious. Very serious." He said that was nice and all but he just didn't understand it. Understand what, I wondered? It was like we have this weird lifestyle that he can't relate to. Does he think we have sheep living in our homes? It's just a nice, normal hobby.

Really. I don't live the knitting lifestyle, do I? Here's a glimpse into my life this week.

Part One - Things delivered to my home:

Monday - skein of yarn from a Ravelry destasher

Tuesday - my first package of Wollmeise, from Germany. I blame the flu that kept me up coughing until all hours. Doing research about how to catch a shop update distracted me from the agony. This photo does not do it justice, trust me. The colors are so saturated and lovely.

Thursday - A Raveler flat out gave away a skein of boucle yarn, which I snagged, plus I bought a few things from her stash. She threw in a ton of other awesome (read pink) yarn. Seriously, it was a huge box, those are enormous skeins, and you can't even see it all here and this photo is crap.

Saturday - my second package of Wollmeise. No photo yet.

Oops, I seem to have forgotten the Lopi pattern leaflet from Ebay, don't remember what day it arrived.

Part Two - Things drying on my back porch this past week

  • More Lopi felted bags

  • Two other felted bags

(Hey - I used that skein of yarn that came on Monday for the flap.)

(I absolutely adore this one and how the Prism Bubbles pooled.
I got that yarn recently from a destash, too.)

  • Yarn

Part Three - Some Stuff I Did this week
  • Went to a knit night and had my photo taken with yarn (thanks Tracey).
At knit night at least seven of us started the same project - French Press Knits Slippers. So much fun working on a KAL, especially on size 15 needles. I was the slowest, it starts with three strands of yarn and I was using two ends of one ball. The tangling got me.
  • May have had photo taken with everybody's slipper soles.
  • Came home from knit night, frogged and re-knit the soles of the slippers.
  • Petted yarn
  • Spent hours on Ravelry
  • Cut out felt leaves as part of K's Halloween Costume
  • Dreamed about yarn
  • Ordered yarn from Ebay (just four skeins, I swear)
  • Was thrilled that last year's pumpkin hat still fits K and he wore it three times this week.
  • Sold some yarn and bags (picture me sitting here in my bright pink sweater, you guessed it, knitting):

Upon review of this evidence it is safe to say I do not live merely the knitting lifestyle, in fact, I live the fiber arts lifestyle.


Tracey said...

you're living the fiber dream! that's quite a wooly week you had.

so sad, i missed your harvest sale. you sold handspun??

Kristen said...

You are a woman obsessed! But in a good way.