Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dyeing for Halloween

Here's some spinning content. First, there's a contest at Martha Vineyard Fiber Farm. Go over, commiserate about moving, and enter the drawing for a total of two pounds of their fiber.

I've been getting ready to sell stuff at a craft table at the preschool's Harvest Festival on the 24th. I'm planning on felted bags, yarn, and maybe a few knitted things. I've been dyeing.

I dyed and spun this:

And I guess this is my first art yarn:

I didn't dye this, just spun it:

I also made some costumes for the school to sell. Two pink poodle skirts (easy):

And two Dorothy dresses which were very intricate.


Jessica said...

Love the handspun! Where's the second color from?

Janice said...

It's Mountain Colors Targhee.

Karyn said...

I can't wait to see the tree costume! Does K still want it?

Janice said...

Yes he does. It will be a bug and apple tree.

Kristen said...

Cool Halloween yarn.
Every little girl will want a poodle skirt or Dorothy dress!