Friday, March 10, 2006

Baby FAQs

Hopefully it isn't a shock to anyone I've directed here that I'm having a baby. And because I've become really lax in communicating by phone or mail lately (sorry) here are some facts:

• Estimated Due Date: July 12th 2006
• Gender: Male. Genetically confirmed by CVS, visually confirmed on ultrasound
• Name: Kenneth Edward III (after his father and grandfather)
• How I am doing: Health is good. Worry level is elevated
• Housing Situation: We are staying here, and the office/sewing room is becoming office/nursery, the dining room will now house a sewing machine
• Stuff for him: We registered at Target and the Baby Center Store (links on bar at right)
• Will there be obligatory belly photos here?: Maybe. In the meantime here's an obligatory ultrasound at 19 weeks


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pregnancy. I am pregnant too (EDD 5.23.06) so I understand the levated worry.

Janice said...

Hi Kristina, if I'm due in July and at am elevated, you must be at what high, borderline severe?

I like your pink template, as you could probably guess. Look forward to checking out your knitting and crochet blog.

Anonymous said...

borderline Between having an incompetent cervix, gestational diabetes, and hyperemsis, I'm a nucase! LOL