Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Spinning News

Don't forget there's a contest going on through Friday. Check out the info post. I'm enjoying reading the comments.

A couple weeks ago I did a marathon spinning and knitting project. I spun up a Jacob/Alpaca blend to make a hat for the Zoo to use in a contest for the people who work behind the scenes at the barnyard. I'm organizing a group of spinners to go the shearing day on May 5th to teach kids about wool and let them try their hands at the drop-spindle.

I was overzealous in spinning. I only needed a little more than half the yarn. I couldn't find a cabled hat pattern I liked in the gauge the yarn knit up, so I just made it up. I did redo the last 20 rows. Two people I showed it to have asked for one, so with just a bit more spinning time, one person will be made happy.

I've joined a new Ravelry group whose goal is to spin a bit every day this month. Of course I've jumped so far into it that I haven't been knitting much this week. It's been neat documenting the spinning progress, and challenging to get daily creative photos.

I think this Falkland will become the contrast color for a pair of stranded mittens. The color is California Redwood from Girl on the Rocks. I'm trying to keep the green and the salmon separate so the mitten pattern will progress from one to the other.

I did take a break yesterday and knit up this submission for the The Milkweed Project, an art installation project. I spun the yarn a couple weeks ago from a Finn/Mohair blend.

Tonight I cast on for Garden Gate socks. We are doing a mini-KAL. The toe-up cast on really slowed us down.

On another note, have you ever seen an albino pea hen? This one lives at the zoo. Pretty weird.


Karyn said...

I LOVE the photo of The Milkweed Project piece. The lighting, draping and your blue wall background...it's beautiful.

Janice said...

Thank you!