Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fana Socks

I designed these socks for the "Think Outside the Socks" contest. The winner will be chosen at Stitches West next month. Colinette is sponsoring their own portion of the contest, challenging you to use Jitterbug in a Fair Isle pattern. I first bought the grey and had no clue how I could make a pattern with another Jitterbug yarn because they were all so very variegated. I went back to the store at a later date and found the pink, which is much closer to solid.

I played with different patterns, but it finally turned into a Fana pattern. I guess I still had it on my brain from the sweater. These socks are basically a Fana Sweater for the legs. The twisted cast-on, checkerboard, stripes and star are all traditional to the sweater.

I'm quite happy with them. They make me think of something seen in a reflection of a pond or stream. As the trees above move, and ripples go by the colors shift.

Next time: Bohus Socks


Kristen said...

They are lovely socks. There is something about that Fana pattern!

Anonymous said...

take a look at this norwegian knitting;

love it