Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I dream in (yarn) color

It started about a month ago. I had a dream about green and purple yarn. I went to a LYS and bought some Koigu to add to the Koigu stash. The green was just like my dream, but I couldn't find the exact purple. That's okay, I'm going to make a rainbow toddler hat or sweater or somesuch, someday. The dream didn't specify a project.

I'm doing two yarn swaps with folks I met on the Knitty Coffee Shop. One is for Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Grace. I'm thinking about making a Birch shawl. So I've been researching the pattern pros and cons, one of which is casting on 299 stitches. I woke up yesterday from a dream that I had successfully cast on the beautiful pink yarn. (I don't even have it yet!)

Last night's dream was not so pleasant. I was more like the one where it is the end of the semester and I realize there is a class I quit attending after a month, and tomorrow is the final. In the dream my blue sweater is full of dropped stitches. But which blue sweater is not clear. Last thing before bed I was working on a baby sweater in blue Manos del Uruguay. But yesterday I also was looking a the parts of sweater I never finished, in a very similar color blue. I knit all the parts for a cardigan from Stich 'N Bitch and even blocked them. I guess I didn't like the way the crocheted mohair trim was looking so I quit. Sheesh. There's no way I'm going to frog it, and I draped it on by body, seems like it fits. I should just finish! I like the colors and have cute cat buttons.

I wonder what tonight's dream will be?

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